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Mobile platform 1 m x 1 m – 500 kg/m².

Delivered without feet

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Mobile 1 x 1m stage platform

Plateform Light

Thanks to their structure, the platforms can be installed both outdoors and indoors. The top of the platform is made of waterproof plywood with an anti-slip layer.

Only 1 type of foot
3 available heights

Light platforms can be supported by folding legs of different heights (from 20 to 60 cm). The maximum permitted height is 1 metre with 2 supports stacked.

Features of PLTL-1×1

Material Frame: Aluminum
Tray: Multiply 12 mm
Dimensions 1 m x 1 m
Thickness 55 mm
Distributed load
500 kg/m²*
Finishing  Black
Weight 12,10 kg


* 500 kg/m² distributed over the entire surface of the platform with feet up to 60 cm high

About security

In accordance with standard NF E85-015 :
• The maximum authorized height is 1 meter with 2 stacked supports.
• A handrail must be installed if the height to be climbed is greater than 50 cm.
These provisions are not exhaustive. For other requirements, please obtain the standard mentioned above.

Pay attention to the floor capacity:
The floor surface of the Light series platform supports must be perfectly flat.
Each plastic foot must be in firm contact with the ground. This platform is therefore not suitable for use on loose and uneven ground.
Please distribute the loads evenly over the entire platform surface.

About railings and stairs :
A guardrail must be installed as soon as the fall height is greater than 50 cm.
A staircase up to 120 cm wide must have at least one handrail.

Fire resistance :
Fire resistance class: BFL-S1 (corresponds to French class M1).
It complies with the European standard EN13501-1+A1:2010.

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